Amino – Online Communities and Fandoms App

(Rated 12+, Social Networking) All children and teenagers seek a way to connect with like-minded individuals, share their passions and interests, and discover new experiences. Many of them seek out

Sarahah App – What Parents Need to Know

Sarahah, an Arabic word that means, roughly, “”honesty.”” It is a free social media app popular with teens. Launched last year, anonymous messaging app Sarahah is no longer available on

What Parents need to know about is a social network for sharing user-generated music videos that’s similar to Dubsmash. You can upload your own videos, remix others’ work, or browse content created by other users

Cosmetic Surgery Games and Apps Aimed at Kids

There is a range of games available on iPhones and Android devices targeting very young girls with bright colors and fairytale characters. This nothing new. You look at the “”Tinkerbell””

Parental Controls on Chromebooks (Update)

On January 12th, 2018, Google discontinued the Chrome Supervised User functionality for new users. The Supervised User account allowed parents to monitor their child’s activity on Chromebooks. Google says current

Telegram app: What Parents Need to Know

Description: (APP Store rating: 4+) Telegram Messenger is a cloud-based communication app usable across all devices; it allows users to send pics, videos, stickers, texts, and other files completely free.

Discord app: What Parents Need to Know

If you find an app called Discord on your kid’s phone, you might be concerned. “”Discord? What’s Discord? I don’t want discord in my child’s life!”” It may not be

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