Who is Total Safety Solutions?

Established in 2012, Total Safety Solutions delivers training, speaking, and consulting worldwide in Internet safety, cyberbullying, behavioral threat assessment, violence prevention, and school safety. Our programs lead in safety education and awareness. They are delivered to school communities, public groups, corporate teams, and government organizations in the workplace and at conferences or seminars. Delivered nationally, our training programs reach thousands of people each year. All our instructors are career law enforcement officers or educators with extensive experience working with students and families and teaching in classrooms.

Our simple yet powerful advice will positively impact your families’ lives and how schools manage the digital world.

Our Staff

Clayton Cranford

Clayton Cranford is the owner of Cyber Safety Cop and Total Safety Solutions LLC. Clayton is a 20-year law enforcement veteran and has served as a School Resource Officer, Juvenile Investigator, and Behavioral Threat Assessor. Clayton is one of the nation’s leading law enforcement educators on social media, child safety, and behavioral threat assessments. He is the author of the definitive parent guide to online safety, “Parenting in the Digital World.”

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Carlos Sanchez

Carlos Sanchez is a Sergeant for a Southern California law enforcement agency.  Carlos has served as a School Resource Officer and a Special Victims Unit detective. He has been presenting to law enforcement and community partners for more than five years in the areas of drug awareness, school safety, bullying, gangs, and social media. Carlos Sanchez is a native Spanish speaker, born in Acapulco, Mexico. In addition to teaching all the Cyber Safety Cop presentations, he also teaches them in Spanish.

Mat Aragon

Mat Aragon is a School Resource Officer in an Orange County law enforcement agency. During Mat’s career, he has had multiple assignments including, Violent Intruder Response Trainer, and teaches students with disabilities. Mat has been presenting to school groups, community groups, and police/fire agencies for more than seven years in the areas of campus safety, social media and online safety, drug awareness, bullying, and critical decision-making skills.

Laura Wankel

Laura Wankel is an experienced educator with more than 20 years of experience teaching in public schools. Laura holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology from Pepperdine University. She is a former elementary educator, PTO President, and Parent Council Vice President. She’s also the proud mom of 2 very technologically driven young adults.