Cyber Safety Assembly

for Students

Cyber Safety Assemblies address digital age challenges, empowering students with skills for informed decisions, privacy protection, and responsible online behavior.

Secure their safety and digital skills with us.


Cyber safety assemblies for students are age appropriate 40-minute interactive presentations for students K to 12th grade. They can be taught in small groups, a classroom, or in a auditorium to hundreds of students. 

All of our presentations address three key online safety issues all children experience:

Dangers of sharing personal information with strangers; anti-bullying strategies; and how to create a positive online reputation.

Cyber safety assemblies for students are age appropriate 40-minute interactive presentations for students K to 12th grade.

We understand that different educational settings require flexible options. That’s why we offer three engaging formats for our Cyber Safety Presentations:

1. In-Person Presentations: Our dynamic presenters visit your organization to deliver engaging and interactive Internet Safety Presentations that cater to the specific needs of each grade level. We create a safe space for students to ask questions and participate actively in their learning journey.

2. Live Webinars: With our live webinars, we can connect with your students remotely, allowing for a more flexible schedule and the possibility of reaching multiple locations simultaneously. Our experienced presenters will deliver the same high-quality content, engaging students in real-time interactions.

3. View-on-Demand Videos: Our professionally produced videos provide the same valuable content as our in-person presentations and live webinars. This option allows your organization to offer internet safety training on your preferred schedule, making it accessible to all students, whether in the classroom, in your organization, or at home.

Kindergarten – 3rd Grade

Our 30-minute K-3rd grade presentation, “Be Safe and Kind Online,” equip younger students with the skills and knowledge necessary to use the internet safely, creating an awareness of potential problems they may experience when they are online, and how to manage these issues and ask for help. 

This is a dynamic, engaging, and non-scary presentation. The topics are introduced by animated characters that children can enjoy and relate to: Zachary, Charlotte, and the Cyber Safety Cop.

Topics include: Telling a trusted adult when anything makes them feel sad, scared, or confused; not sharing personal information with someone they meet online, and anti-cyberbullying strategies.

4th – 6th Grade

The 45-minute 4th – 6th-grade cyber safety assembly gives elementary students the information they need to make good decisions online. 

Our instructors are experienced law enforcement professionals, counselors, or educators. Their real-life stories make the material impactful and relevant to our student audiences. The presenter will share common safety issues and how students can make themselves more secure in social networks. 

The program focuses on the importance of a positive Digital Reputation, and the long-term impact cyberbullying can have on their lives. Topics include not allowing strangers in your network; Consequences of mean, rude, or threatening messages; and how to create a positive online reputation.

7th – 12th Grade

The 45-minute 7th – 12th-grade cyber safety assembly builds off of the 4th – 6th assembly. The same topics are covered: Not allowing strangers in your network; and the consequences of mean, rude, or threatening messages. 

Our instructors, experienced law enforcement professionals, counselors, or educators, will take the topics one step further and discuss online sexual exploitation, sexting, criminal harassment, threats, and how to respond to these issues. We end the presentation on how to create a positive online reputation.

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