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Are you a concerned parent, educator, or caregiver seeking to safeguard your children from the ever-evolving dangers of the digital world?

In today’s technology-driven era, online safety issues constantly change, making shielding our children from potential threats challenging.

The Cyber Safety Cop Plus membership is your ultimate solution to stay ahead of daily challenges and effectively protect your loved ones.

Included in the membership

Stay Ahead with Expert Guidance

Our team at Cyber Safety Cop consists of seasoned law enforcement professionals with decades of experience in juvenile justice alongside educators and counselors. Perhaps most importantly, they are parents, too. This diverse background enables us to take a comprehensive 360-degree approach to tackle our children’s most common online problems. With our expertise, you can rest assured that you’ll receive reliable guidance to address any digital risks your child might encounter.

Exclusive Articles and Practical Advice

As a Cyber Safety Cop Plus member, you’ll gain access to exclusive articles addressing current online trends and threats. These articles offer practical advice on approaching essential conversations with your child about online safety, empowering them to make responsible decisions online. Stay informed and equipped with the latest insights from our experts.

Extensive Online Training Library

Your membership entitles you to a treasure trove of resources in our online training library. Our Digital Citizenship program, designed for 1st through 8th-grade children, helps them navigate the digital landscape responsibly. Additionally, our Digital Parenting 101 course equips you with the necessary skills to be an effective digital mentor for your child.

Monthly Live Zoom Meetings

Stay updated and informed with our monthly live Zoom meetings hosted by Clayton Cranford and the Cyber Safety Cop team. These sessions delve into timely online safety issues, providing you with actionable steps to protect your child effectively. It’s also an opportunity to get your questions answered directly by our experts.

Free Download of Parenting in the Digital World eBook

As a paid member, you will receive a free copy of Clayton Cranford’s award-winning book, Parenting in the Digital World, in eBook format. This book, read by thousands of parents worldwide, will help guide you in the overly complicated digital world where children find themselves. In addition, you will also have free access to all of our current and future eBooks.

Join Our Supportive Parent Community

By becoming a Cyber Safety Cop Plus member, you’ll gain access to our exclusive private Facebook parent group. You can interact with like-minded parents facing similar challenges and our expert team here. Share experiences, seek advice, and create a supportive network focused on safeguarding our children in the digital age.

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