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Established in 2012, Total Safety Solutions has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive safety education and awareness worldwide. We are dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly. Our focus areas include Internet safety, cyberbullying prevention, behavioral threat assessment, violence prevention, and school safety.

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Our Values

Our Commitment: At Total Safety Solutions, education is the key to a safer digital landscape and a more secure society. We are committed to delivering top-notch training, speaking engagements, and consulting services that cater to the needs of school communities, public groups, corporate teams, and government organizations.

Leading in Safety Education and Awareness: We take pride in being pioneers in safety education and awareness programs. Our expert team has meticulously designed courses that address the ever-evolving challenges of the digital age. We ensure that our programs are always relevant, engaging, and effective by staying ahead of the curve.

Experienced Instructors: Our team comprises seasoned professionals with diverse law enforcement and education backgrounds. Each instructor brings extensive experience working with students and families, enabling them to connect with their audiences personally. We understand the unique dynamics of classrooms and workplaces, allowing us to tailor our approach to fit the specific needs of each audience.

Global Reach: Although based in Southern California, our impact knows no boundaries. Our programs are delivered internationally, reaching individuals and organizations across the globe. Whether through conferences, seminars, or online training, we are committed to spreading our knowledge far and wide.

Positive Impact on Families and Schools: Total Safety Solutions provides simple yet powerful advice that can transform lives. By empowering families with the tools to navigate the digital world safely, we aim to foster a safer online environment for all. Moreover, we collaborate closely with schools to develop effective strategies for managing digital challenges, ensuring students’ secure and nurturing educational experiences.


Clayton Cranford

Clayton Cranford, the founder of Cyber Safety Cop and Total Safety Solutions LLC, served an impressive 20-year tenure in law enforcement. Throughout his career, he has served in vital roles such as School Resource Officer, Juvenile Investigator, and Behavioral Threat Assessor. As a recognized authority in law enforcement education, Clayton is one of the nation’s foremost experts in social media, child safety, and behavioral threat assessments.

The culmination of Clayton’s passion for safeguarding young minds and promoting online safety is evident in his authoritative book, “Parenting in the Digital World.” As the definitive guide for parents, this comprehensive work equips them with essential knowledge and practical tools to navigate the challenges of the digital age, ensuring the protection of their children in the ever-changing online landscape.

Carlos Sanchez

Meet Carlos Sanchez, a dedicated Lieutenant serving with a law enforcement agency in Southern California. Carlos has fulfilled crucial roles as a School Resource Officer and Special Victims Unit detective throughout his career. With over ten years of experience as a presenter, he has been actively engaged with law enforcement and community partners, focusing on essential topics like drug awareness, school safety, bullying, gangs, and social media.

Carlos’s unique background as a native Spanish speaker, born in Acapulco, Mexico, allows him to connect with diverse audiences effectively. Notably, he goes beyond teaching all the Cyber Safety Cop presentations in English, extending his impact by delivering them in Spanish. Carlos remains committed to empowering communities with vital knowledge to promote safety and security in the digital age.

Mat Aragon

Introducing Mat Aragon, an esteemed School Resource Officer serving with a law enforcement agency in Orange County. Throughout his career, Mat has taken on various vital assignments, such as being a Violent Intruder Response Trainer and educator for students with disabilities. 

Leveraging his expertise and experience, he has been an engaging presenter for over seven years, delivering valuable insights to school groups, community organizations, and police/fire agencies. Mat’s presentations encompass various topics, including campus safety, social media and online safety, drug awareness, bullying, and critical decision-making skills, contributing significantly to building safer and well-informed communities.

Laura Wankel

Meet Laura Wankel, a seasoned educator with an impressive track record of over 20 years of teaching within public schools. Holding a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology from Pepperdine University, Laura brings a wealth of knowledge to her profession. 

Her diverse background includes being a former elementary educator, PTO President, and Parent Council Vice President, showcasing her commitment to the education community. As a proud mother of two technologically driven young adults, Laura understands the importance of navigating the digital landscape and is passionate about imparting valuable insights to students and parents.



Parenting in the Digital World is written by Clayton Cranford, the nation’s leading law enforcement educator on social media and online safety for children and recipient of the 2015 National Bullying Prevention Award. This book will show you step-by-step how to set up the safety settings on all of your child’s devices, screen time limits, and how to create a culture of safety and accountability in your home.
Now available in Spanish.

4.5 out of 5 rating

“This book answers the number one question parents of digital kids have today, “How Can I Keep My Child Safe Online?” Parenting in a Digital World is an
indispensable guide that should live on the nightstand of every parent raising kids today.”

– Diana Graber, Co-Founder, Cyberwise.org and Founder, CyberCivics.com


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