Vaping, Marijuana, and Fentanyl

Seminar for Parents

The Truth about Vaping, Marijuana, and Fentanyl, a 90-minute seminar for parents, addresses teen vaping, marijuana, and fentanyl risks in the US.

Equip parents with essential knowledge for open conversations, protecting children from harm. Strengthen bonds and nurture a safer, informed environment.


The Vaping & Marijuana seminar for Parents, “Parenting in the Digital VAPING World,” is a 90-minute, engaging and eye-opening presentation about the current teen vaping and marijuana epidemic. 

It can be presented in-person or by webinar.

Our concern for the safety and well-being of our children is paramount. In response to the alarming rise in teen vaping, marijuana use, and fentanyl-related deaths, we present a thought provoking 90-minute session designed specifically for parents. 

This presentation will equip parents with the essential knowledge to protect their children and engage in meaningful conversations about substance use and addiction.

We understand that different educational settings require flexible options. That’s why we offer three engaging formats for our presentations:

1. In-Person Presentations: Our dynamic presenters visit your school to deliver engaging and interactive presentation equipping parents with the knowledge and tools to impact their child’s safety.

2. Live Webinars: With our live webinars, we can connect with your parents remotely. Our experienced presenters will deliver the same high-quality content, engaging parents in real-time interactions.

3. View-on-Demand Videos: Our professionally produced videos provide the same valuable content as our in-person presentations and live webinars. This option allows your school to offer safety training on your preferred schedule, making it accessible to your parents over a week or more.

1. Vaping: Unveiling the Risks
Explore the hidden dangers of teen vaping and how it impacts our children’s health. Learn about the concerning rise in vaping among students and understand the potential consequences of nicotine addiction.

2. Marijuana Myths: Understanding the Reality
Challenge common misconceptions surrounding marijuana and its derivatives. Our seminar will provide attendees with up-to-date scientific research on the effects of marijuana on the developing adolescent brain.

3. Fentanyl Crisis: A Looming Threat
Address the pressing issue of fentanyl overdose deaths and counterfeit prescription drug use. Gain insights into how teens unknowingly expose themselves to the deadly effects of counterfeit pills laced with Fentanyl.

4. Spotting Online Risks
Understand how teens are acquiring drugs online and how to identify suspicious online activity on their child’s phones. Equip parents with the tools to monitor and safeguard their children’s online interactions.

5. The Power of Conversation
Learn practical strategies for having thoughtful conversations about drug use and addiction with the children in your life. We will provide attendees with practical guidance on fostering open communication and support.

1. Saving Lives Through Awareness
Drug overdose is the leading cause of death for young people, and Fentanyl remains a significant contributor to the crisis. This seminar equips attendees with the knowledge to protect the children in their life from harm.

2. Empowering Attendees to Be Informed Advocates
By arming attendees with accurate information, we empower them to recognize signs of substance use and addiction, allowing them to take timely and supportive action.

3. Creating Safer Communities
The spike in vaping and marijuana use by students has caught the attention of school administrators and police officers. This seminar enables attendees to be proactive partners in creating safer school environments.

4. Strengthening Parent-Child Bonds
Through thoughtful conversations about drug use, parents can foster trust and open dialogue with their children, building a stronger and more supportive relationship.

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