Digital Citizenship (1st - 3rd)

Empower your young learners to become responsible digital citizens. Together, let’s create a generation of confident and conscientious digital explorers who can navigate the online world with joy and wisdom.


Our program was created by a nationally recognized expert in online safety for children, Clayton Cranford, The Cyber Safety CopTM. It is easy to implement, turn-key, and 100% online. 

In today’s tech-focused world, we must introduce digital citizenship education to young students using a turnkey program. This ensures online safety foundations and skill integration at home and school.

The curriculum, with six age-appropriate lessons, captivates young learners, making online safety engaging and relevant. Instilling these principles empowers children to navigate the virtual realm responsibly, fostering online well-being beyond the classroom. 

This course is fully online and includes the 6 video lessons, plus accompanying worksheets and teacher guide. 

Lesson 1: What is Digital Citizenship
In this introductory lesson, the students will learn what it means to be a responsible digital citizen and understand the importance of making thoughtful choices online.

Lesson 2: Being Safe Online
Our young learners will learn the essentials of online safety. They will explore various scenarios and understand how to identify potential online risks. Through interactive activities, they will grasp the concept of staying safe in digital spaces.

Lesson 3: Personal Information
In this exciting lesson, students will understand the value of their personal information and the significance of keeping it private. They will learn how to protect their personal details in a playful and engaging environment.

Lesson 4: Media Balance
Through fun activities, the students will learn to manage their screen time and discover the joy of exploring both online and offline worlds.

Lesson 5: Protecting Your Information
The students will learn how to protect their information from online threats. They will identify ways to safeguard their digital footprints and enjoy being safe online.

Lesson 6: Be Kind and Respectful
Our little digital citizens will embrace the power of kindness and respect in digital spaces. Through relatable scenarios, they will learn the importance of treating others with empathy and compassion online.

1. Fun and Interactive Lessons:
Our program is designed with the curiosity of young minds in mind. Each lesson features animated cartoon characters that students can identify with, making learning enjoyable and engaging.

2. Supporting Materials for Family Involvement:
We provide activity sheets for students and their families, encouraging open communication and reinforcing digital citizenship principles at home.

3. Educational Videos:
Our captivating videos enrich each lesson, making complex concepts simple and relatable for our young learners.

4. Professional Development Resources:
Educators receive comprehensive resources to facilitate the program effectively and confidently.


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