Vaping, Marijuana, and Fentanyl

Assembly for Students

Together, let’s challenge preconceived notions, empower our students, and work towards a safer and healthier future for our youth.

By raising awareness and providing knowledge, we can make a difference in the lives of our students and our communities.

In light of the concerning surge in adolescent vaping, marijuana consumption, and fentanyl-related fatalities, it is imperative for schools to introduce the “Truth about Vaping, Marijuana, and Fentanyl” assembly to their 6th through 12th-grade students.

Our impactful 45-minute presentation serves as a vital countermeasure to prevailing misconceptions surrounding the presumed safety of these substances. By delving into the stark realities, this thought-provoking session dismantles myths and underscores the hazards associated with teen vaping, marijuana, and fentanyl use within the United States.

Tailored to resonate with students, this assembly not only raises awareness but also equips young learners with the knowledge and critical thinking skills to make informed choices, fostering a future characterized by healthier decisions and overall well-being.

Community organizations and nonprofits have a vital role in promoting the well-being of the youth they serve, making the “Truth about Vaping, Marijuana, and Fentanyl” assembly an indispensable addition to their initiatives for 6th through 12th-grade students.

With the alarming surge in teen vaping, marijuana consumption, and fentanyl-related fatalities, this eye-opening 45-minute presentation stands as a powerful tool to dispel misconceptions surrounding the safety of these substances. By engaging students in a thought-provoking dialogue, the assembly illuminates the stark realities of teen vaping, marijuana, and fentanyl use within the United States.

By partnering with our program, community organizations and nonprofits empower young learners to navigate the complexities of these substances with an informed perspective, enabling them to make choices that contribute to a healthier and more promising future.


The “Truth about Vaping, Marijuana, and Fentanyl” assembly is a vital addition for grades 6 to 12. With rising concerns about teen vaping, marijuana, and fentanyl, this 45-minute presentation dispels misconceptions for a safer future.

Engaging students, the assembly sheds light on these substances’ realities. Partner with us to empower young learners for informed choices and a healthier future. 

Amidst concerning trends in adolescent vaping, marijuana use, and fentanyl-related incidents, schools must prioritize the “Truth about Vaping, Marijuana, and Fentanyl” assembly for grades 6 to 12.

Our impactful 45-minute presentation is a crucial defense against prevailing misconceptions about the safety of these substances. By confronting realities, this session dismantles myths and highlights the risks associated with teen vaping, marijuana, and fentanyl use in the US.

We understand that different educational settings require flexible options. That’s why we offer three engaging formats for our presentations:

1. In-Person Presentations: Our dynamic presenters visit your school to deliver an engaging and interactive presentation. We create a safe space for students to ask questions and participate actively in their learning journey.

2. Live Webinars: With our live webinars, we can connect with your students remotely, allowing for a more flexible schedule and the possibility of reaching multiple classrooms simultaneously. Our experienced presenters will deliver the same high-quality content, engaging students in real-time interactions.

3. View-on-Demand Videos: Our professionally produced videos provide the same valuable content as our in-person presentations and live webinars. This option allows your school to offer safety training on your preferred schedule, making it accessible to all students in the classroom or at home.

1. Vaping: The Hidden Dangers
Explore the dangerous reality of teen vaping and dispel common myths surrounding e-cigarettes. Our assembly will reveal the harmful effects of vaping on respiratory health and the risks of nicotine addiction.

2. Marijuana: Dispelling Myths
Challenge preconceived notions about marijuana and its derivatives. Through current scientific research, students will gain insights into the effects of marijuana on the developing adolescent brain.

3. Fentanyl: The Silent Killer
Address the grave dangers of Fentanyl overdose deaths and the rise of counterfeit prescription drug use. Students will learn about the heartbreaking consequences of taking seemingly harmless pills laced with deadly Fentanyl.

4. Empowering with Knowledge
Our assembly empowers students with information to make informed decisions about their health and well-being. We seek to guide our youth toward healthier choices by exposing the harsh realities of substance misuse.

5. Advocating for a Safer Future
Understanding the dangers of vaping, marijuana, and Fentanyl is crucial in combatting the drug overdose epidemic and safeguarding our youth. By raising awareness, we strive to reduce the devastating impact of substance abuse on our communities.

1. Saving Lives Through Awareness
Drug overdose is the leading cause of death for young people, and Fentanyl has become the number one cause of drug overdoses. This assembly addresses these pressing issues head-on, seeking to prevent further tragedies.

2. Empowering Youth to Make Informed Choices
By arming students with the facts, we empower them to resist peer pressure and make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

3. Promoting a Healthier School Environment
School administrators and police officers are increasingly concerned about the sharp spike in vaping and marijuana use. This assembly is a powerful tool to foster a safer and healthier school environment.

4. Supporting Scientific Literacy
With accurate and up-to-date scientific research on the effects of vaping and marijuana on the adolescent brain, we promote scientific literacy among students.

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