Digital Parenting 101

Overwhelmed with keeping your kid safe online? 

Join our Digital Parenting 101 course to learn how to guide your child through the digital landscape while ensuring their safety, well-being, and positive online experiences. 


Gain invaluable knowledge and insights from Clayton Cranford, a renowned expert in online safety. 

Enroll in our comprehensive online course today and take the first step toward creating a secure and positive digital experience for your child. 

Let’s empower our children to thrive in the digital world while staying safe and informed.

In today’s digital world, ensuring your child’s online safety is paramount. Join expert instructor Clayton Cranford in this comprehensive course designed to equip parents with the knowledge and tools to protect their children from online threats and foster a positive digital experience. 

With Clayton’s extensive expertise in Internet safety and child protection, you’ll gain insights into crucial topics such as cyberbullying, online predators, screen time, and sensitive conversations about pornography and substance abuse.

By the end of this 16 lesson course, you’ll be equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to guide your child through the digital landscape while ensuring their safety, well-being, and positive online experiences. 

Lesson 1: Meet Your Instructor, Clayton Cranford
Get to know Clayton Cranford, the expert behind this course, and learn about his vast experience in Internet safety and child protection.

Lesson 2: When Should I Buy My Child a Phone?
Discover practical guidelines and insights to determine the right age and circumstances for your child to have their first phone.

Lesson 3: Social Media and App Approval Guidelines
Learn how to evaluate and approve social media platforms and apps for your child, ensuring a safe and positive online experience.

Lesson 4: Online Sexual Exploitation and Predators
Understand the risks of online sexual exploitation and learn how to protect your child from potential predators.

Lesson 5: Online Predators and Sextortion Scams
Explore the dangers of online predators and sextortion scams, and learn how to shield your child from such threats.

Lesson 6: Online Predators and Grooming Behavior
Gain insights into the grooming tactics used by online predators and learn to recognize and prevent such behavior.

Lesson 7: How to Start the Conversation with Your Child About Online Safety
Discover practical strategies to initiate open and honest conversations with your child about online safety.

Lesson 8: How to Talk to Your Child About Online Drug Access
Equip yourself with the knowledge to discuss online drug access and substance abuse risks with your child.

Lesson 9: How to Respond to Cyberbullying
Learn how to identify cyberbullying and respond effectively, providing support and protection for your child.

Lesson 10: Online Threats
Understand different online threats and how to safeguard your child against them.

Lesson 11: How to Talk to Your Child About Pornography
Learn how to approach the sensitive topic of pornography with your child and provide age-appropriate guidance.

Lesson 12: How to Talk to Your Child About Sexting
Discover proactive ways to discuss the risks and consequences of sexting with your child.

Lesson 13: Parental Controls
Explore the various parental control options and how to implement them effectively.

Lesson 14: Screen Time and Mental Health
Learn about the impact of screen time on your child’s mental health and well-being.

Lesson 15: Screen Time Recommendations
Get practical recommendations on managing screen time for a balanced digital lifestyle.

Lesson 16: How to Create Accountability in Your Home
Discover practical strategies to create a safe and accountable online environment for your child.

The digital world poses unique risks for our children, and navigating these challenges can be overwhelming.

As a parent, you may have questions about when to give your child a phone or permit social media usage. Even if your child already has access to devices, you might be concerned about online predators, cyberbullying, and exposure to inappropriate content.

This course addresses all these concerns and provides you with the knowledge and confidence to ensure your child’s online safety.

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