Active Shooter

Prevention and Response Training

Amid growing safety concerns, schools, businesses, and other community organizations must prioritize community protection.

Enacting “Active Shooter Prevention and Response Training” for staff and volunteers is vital for a secure environment.


In today’s ever-changing world, ensuring the safety and security of our communities has become a top priority. We focus on the prevention of targeted violence by teaching the attendees the signs of person on a path to violence. We then give them the tools and game-plan to respond effectively in a critical incident.

Our comprehensive “Active Shooter Prevention and Response Training” is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to proactively prevent and effectively respond to potential threats of violence.

The instructor, a former juvenile investigator and behavioral threat assessor, will uses their real-life experience to train your staff members how to identify the warning signs that an individual is on a path to violence, stopping the violent act before it begins.

This course can be taken: 

  • In person at your location
  • Via online webinar
The course is 3 hours, including 30-minute facility tour.

1. Behavioral Threat Assessment: Identifying Concerning Behavior
Learn the principles of behavioral threat assessment to identify warning signs and concerning behavior that may indicate a potential threat. 

2. Stopping Violence at Your Facility:
Explore practical strategies for halting violence from occurring within your environment. Our course emphasizes a proactive approach, empowering participants with the knowledge and tools to create a safe and secure learning environment.

3. Responding to a Violent Intruder: Deny, Evade, Engage Principles
In the unfortunate event of a violent intruder, knowing how to respond swiftly and decisively is crucial. Our course will teach you the proven “Deny, Evade, Engage” principles, providing actionable strategies to maximize your chances of survival and protect those in your care.

1. Proactive Prevention Saves Lives:
Staff at your organization are at the forefront of ensuring the well-being of students, employees, and members. Learning to identify concerning behaviors and intervening early can prevent violent incidents from occurring.

2. Swift and Effective Response:
In an active shooter situation, a quick and well-coordinated response is critical. This course equips staff with the knowledge and tools to respond confidently and decisively to protect students and themselves.

3. Enhanced Safety and Security Culture:
Active shooter prevention and response training foster a culture of safety and vigilance within your community. Educating all staff members creates a cohesive approach to safeguarding the entire facility. 

4. Life-Saving Skills for All Personnel:
This training is not limited to specific roles; it is essential for every person working. In a crisis, every individual plays a vital role in ensuring safety.

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