Discord app: What Parents Need to Know

If you find an app called Discord on your kid’s phone, you might be concerned. “”Discord? What’s Discord? I don’t want discord in my child’s life!”” It may not be

New School Year with New Dangerous Apps

We are several weeks into the school year and you may be thinking the dust has settled. Unfortunately, new apps are appearing on our students’ phones causing issues at school

Antichat – What Parents Need to Know

This new smartphone app ‘AntiChat’ is free of charge for both iOS & Android & lets you talk about just anything with other users. You can join any of the available

How to Talk to Your Child About Porn

The Internet has made hardcore pornography more accessible than ever before in human history. More people visit pornographic sites than Twitter, Netflix and Hulu combined. As the prevalence of pornography

Digital Citizenship Conference Panel

Online Security & Privacy Tips to Keep Students Safe How can we keep children safe and secure online? What are the next steps that parents should take? As soon as

Threats and Consequences for Students

Sean found himself in the Principal’s office again for being disruptive in class. Sean, as he was walking home with a suspension notice in his pocket, couldn’t think of anything

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