Parental Controls on Chromebooks (Update)

On January 12th, 2018, Google discontinued the Chrome Supervised User functionality for new users. The Supervised User account allowed parents to monitor their child’s activity on Chromebooks. Google says current users with Supervised accounts will continue to function but cannot be edited. No new Supervised Users can be created.
How should parents monitor their child’s new Chrome account?

Many students are using their school’s Chromebook. Not all school districts are managing their loaned Chromebooks the same. If the school is monitoring browsing activity even when the Chromebook is outside of its network, then not having a Supervised User account may not be that big of a deal. If you own the Chromebook and/or a school-issued Chromebook is not monitored outside of the school’s network, then parents will need to take some action.

If your child’s Chromebook is a school-issued computer, ask them if the computer is monitored away from your school’s network and what are they able to monitor or filter.

In lieu of Chromebook’s Supervised User Account, here are some suggestions to protect your child on their Chromebook:

1. Use OpenDNS to filter the internet content in your home.

OpenDNS is a free internet content filtering service to block websites based upon categories, allowing control over the type of sites that may be accessed. OpenDNS, or some equivalent, should be used in every home, regardless of the type of internet-connected device you are using.

2. Use Mobicip to monitor the Chromebook.

Mobicip is a parental control and notification app that you can install on Chromebooks.
3. Make the parent the Chromebook administrator.
4. Turn off Chromebook guest browsing and limit other Chromebook users.
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