Amino – Online Communities and Fandoms App

(Rated 12+, Social Networking) All children and teenagers seek a way to connect with like-minded individuals, share their passions and interests, and discover new experiences. Many of them seek out

Quickly Evolving World of Social Media

The Quickly Evolving World of Social Media A smart phone or tablet is an amazing gift. The entertainment and educational opportunities are nearly endless, but it also opens up the world

10 Best Parental Control Apps

It’s frightening how easy it is for children to stumble upon inappropriate content, whether they’re using your phone for just a few minutes or their own device. While the latest

Vent – What Parents Need to Know

There is a new iOS app called Vent devoted to letting people complain about their lives. Like Whisper and Secret, you can post anonymously, though the app does require an email address (it’s not displayed publicly,

How to Report Bullying and Abuse

Do you know how to report bullying or abuse on your social network app or website? Here is a comprehensive list of social network sites. Please email me with any

Children and Internet Porn

What is Porn? Porn is the abbreviation for pornography, which is sexual material that is explicitly portrayed for the primary purpose of sexual arousal. Sexually explicit material can be presented

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