Civil Lawsuits are Coming

In the wake of cases like Rebecca Sedwick, a 12-year-old in Florida who committed suicide after being maliciously bullied on Facebook, parents are now seeking judicial remedy in civil courts.

Recent Study Says Teens are Sharing Less

New research shows that Generation Z favors anonymous or self-destructing social media over  more permanent and identifiable identities on Facebook or Twitter, and they’re voting with their feet; some studies

Be More Than a Bystander

Last week, I spoke to more than 1700 students at a local high school about cyberbullying and social media. How can we make a difference? Don’t be a bystander. Be

How much do you know about cyberbullying?

Here are four things many parents don’t know: Most parents of victims have no idea it’s happening. Cyberbullying happens in a sort of parallel communication universe, one that most parents

Mental Health Consequences to Bullying

New York City Health Department is taking a hard look at the consequences of bullying. What happens to kids who are bullied once the bullying stops? The new study shows

New Case of Bullycide Make Us Take Stock

Last month’s arrest of two Florida girls whose relentless cyberbullying drove twelve-year-old Rebecca Sedwick to suicide has, for many parents, refreshed anxiety.It also points to some glaring blind spots many

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