How to Talk to Teens About Depression & Suicide

The stigma and silence surrounding mental illness discourages many teens from seeking help. YOU can make a difference for your teen. At the Wellness and Prevention Center, we help to reduce that stigma while providing services and safe spaces for you and your child.

Early Intervention Leads to a Healthy Future

Does it surprise you to know that parents are the most powerful influence in a child’s life — greater than peers, popular music, television, celebrities and the media? Parents and caretakers are the experts about their child. Your intervention can change your child’s life.

Signs your child may need help

If your child is struggling emotionally or behaviorally, here are signs to watch out for:

  • Changes in sleep patterns – both trouble sleeping and sleeping more
  • Extreme mood swings, particularly anger in teen boys as this is often a symptom of Depression
  • Isolation from peers and family Changes in eating behaviors
  • Participation in high-risk behaviors – this can often be a teen’s method for seeking help
  • Drop in grades or lack of self-care

Parenting Tips and Support

  • Tufts University–Child & Family Web Guide The WebGuide is a directory that evaluates, describes, and provides
    links to hundreds of sites containing child development research and practical advice.
  • Because I Love You (BILY) Parent and youth support groups, because you know your teen best.
  • Remind your teen that you love and respect them, want to help them succeed, are here for them no matter what.
  • American Academy for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry The AACAP is a non-profit organization and includes 8000 child and adolescent psychiatrists throughout the US. Contact them at 202-966-7300 or [email protected]
  • Teen Suicide Hotline and others: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 a free and confidential support line
How do I find your insurance card psychiatrists and therapists through my Insurance company?
  • On the back of most insurance cards, you will find a providers call number. Speak to a representative and ask for a list of providers in your area. You should receive an email within a week of available providers covered. We can help you through this process!!
  • Do not wait more than two weeks for an email or call from your insurance representative or provider–continue to call around and be persistent. We can help you follow up with them or draft an email.

Any more questions? Contact us to register your child for a group or individual session, or if you have any further questions:

[email protected] or 949-680-0516

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