Protecting Our Children: Unraveling California’s AB 1027 and Safeguarding Against Online Drug Sales

In an era dominated by digital connectivity, children are more exposed than ever to the risks of online drug sales and the deadly consequences of substances like fentanyl. California’s AB 1027 aims to protect children from these threats.

Interview with Clayton Cranford about the new Ca Law, AB 1027 • KNXAM (CBS News Radio) • Jan 11, 2024 8:11 AM PST

Understanding AB 1027

Assembly Bill 1027 (AB 1027) is a legislative effort by the California government to combat the growing menace of online drug sales targeting minors. Enacted to address the surge in fentanyl-related deaths among young people, AB 1027 focuses on stringent measures to regulate and monitor online platforms facilitating drug transactions.

The law imposes stricter penalties on those involved in online drug sales, especially those targeting minors. Platforms are now required to implement robust age verification systems and actively monitor and report any suspicious activities related to the sale of drugs.

Practical Steps for Parents

Open Communication:

Maintain an open dialogue with your children about the dangers of online drug sales. We have created tip sheets for parents to help them have informed conversations with their children about Vaping EN ES, Marijuana EN ES, and Fentanyl EN ES.

Educate About Risks:

Ensure your children understand the severe consequences of drug use, particularly the dangers associated with fentanyl. Knowledge is a powerful deterrent. We have created information sheets for students on VapingMarijuana, and Fentanyl

Monitor Online Activities:

Regularly check your child’s online presence. Be aware of the platforms they use and the people they interact with. Familiarize yourself with privacy settings and parental controls. Learn everything you need to know to keep your child safe online in our book, Parenting in the Digital World, and our online class, Digital Parenting 101. You can also bring one of our Cyber Safety Cop instructors to your school for a parent presentation

We recommend installing a parent notification app on your child’s phone to alert you to dangerous behavior. Visit our resources page to learn more. 

Teach Responsible Online Behavior:

Instill the importance of responsible online behavior. Emphasize the significance of not sharing personal information and the risks associated with engaging in suspicious online activities. 

We travel throughout the United States, teaching cyber safety to kindergarten to 12th-grade students in school assemblies. We also have created online classes for 1st- 3rd grade and 4th- 8th grade students to learn Internet safety at home with their caregivers. 


Q1: How does AB 1027 specifically address online drug sales?

AB 1027 mandates online platforms to implement stringent age verification systems and actively monitor and report any suspicious activities related to the sale of drugs, especially those targeting minors.

Q2: What penalties are imposed under AB 1027 for those involved in online drug sales to minors?

The law imposes stricter penalties on individuals engaged in online drug sales targeting minors, including hefty fines and potential imprisonment.

Q3: How can parents stay informed about their child’s online activities?

Parents can stay informed by regularly checking their child’s online presence, understanding privacy settings, and using parental controls on various platforms.

Closing Thoughts

In the face of evolving threats, proactive parenting is the key to ensuring that our children are equipped to navigate the digital landscape responsibly and are protected from the perils of online drug sales and fentanyl use. Let’s stand united in safeguarding our most precious asset—the well-being of our children.

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Clayton Cranford
Clayton Cranford is a retired Sergeant from Orange County Sheriff's Department in California and owner of Total Safety Solutions LLC. Clayton is one of the nation’s leading law enforcement educators on social media, child safety, and behavioral threat assessments. Clayton is the author of the definitive book on cyber safety for families, “Parenting in the Digital World.” Clayton has more than 20 years of teaching experience and was awarded the 2015 National Bullying Prevention Award from the School Safety Advocacy Council, and the 2015 American Legion Medal of Merit. Clayton was a member of the County's Behavioral Threat Assessment Team, Crisis Negotiation Team, School Resource Officer program, and Juvenile Bureau.