NGL – The Anonymous Q&A App

If NGL is a new name to you, this series of questions and answers will help you learn everything you need to know about this popular app.

NGL – The Anonymous Q&A App

(Rated 12+, Social Networking)

NGL is designed as a one-of-a-kind app. Typically, every photo, video, or status update your child or teen shares on social media comes from their name so everyone knows it came from them. However, there are situations when they may want to send and receive messages without revealing their identity. It is times like these that the NGL app might be of assistance.

If NGL is a new name to you, this series of questions and answers will help you learn everything you need to know about this popular app.

What Exactly Is The NGL App?

The NGL app is a new social media interactive platform allowing users to connect anonymously with their contacts. NGL is an acronym for the application’s full name. The entire name of this application is “Not Gonna Lie.” The app utilizes powerful artificial intelligence technologies to assure content uniqueness and cleanliness (continue reading for more information on this claim!).

NGL is an add-on for the also very popular Instagram app. Once a user receives an anonymous message, they can then broadcast it on their Instagram stories or highlights. Essentially, if your child or teen displays their NGL URL in their Instagram bio, everyone who sees their profile can click on it and send them an anonymous message.

What Should Parents Know About The App?

Is Using the NGL App Safe?

The NGL app keeps material anonymous to maintain the user’s security. This does not, however, ensure that the feedback that is being received is going to be appropriate. The app’s developers claim that superior artificial intelligence filters are in place to block any cyberbullying or other inappropriate messages, yet reports from credible sources like NBC News have put them to the test. Many hateful and targeting phrases made it through the filter without consequence.

Is Anonymity Important?

Since there will never be a way to entirely remove harmful responses or content from open forums or public message systems, despite maintaining anonymity, we don’t suggest you put all your eggs in this basket.

While anonymity certainly has its place in online messaging (like for when someone is looking to reach out for advice about an embarrassing issue to a reputable organization, for example), the idea that your child or teen can have casual conversations in this guise may not be worth the risk.

Additionally, apps like Snapchat, a competitor to NGL’s parent app Instagram, have already dropped their anonymous forum features in lieu of a law suit seeking to hold them accountable for the suicide of a teenager that had been impacted by anonymous cyberbullying. There is something to say about the possibilities that are opened up when a user can hide from being held accountable for their communication.

Parental Controls

The NGL app does not feature parental controls.

Potential Problems

As described above, your child or teen can potentially receive messages that contain some very offensive or inappropriate content while using NGL. That being said, due to the anonymous feature of the app, the sender of the information will be unknown to them. This can be intimidating, cause negativity in relationships, and possibly fuel a damaging self-reflection within your child or teen.


We do not recommend the NGL app for children or teenagers. Validation can be sought authentically and healthily with family members and close friends, as well as making conversation about more topics that are best to be had privately with trusted adults.

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