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School Tech: Tools to Boost Your Child’s Learning

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Are We Facing a Tsunami of Mass Shootings?

I am fearful we will be facing an oncoming tsunami of mass shootings. Why? Because of the new and untreated mental health issues and financial strain that have been festering in last year’s pandemic lockdown.

COVID-19 and Your Child’s Online Safety

Has your school been shut down because of Covid-19? Your Child is going to spend a lot more time online. Are you ready? COVID-19 is shutting schools down and discouraging […]

How to Talk to Teens About Vaping

Are you concerned about the recent reports of teens being rushed to the hospital after vaping? The vaping problem is only getting worse. This is how we talk to teens […]

Words and Pictures Matter

How to talk to your child about posting images or words that could be construed as a violent threat. On August 25, 2019, Alaska authorities arrested two 13-year-old students for […]