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UberX Teen – Ridesharing App

The Uber app has over 5 million downloads on the Apple store, yet this new addition to their service line will make their ridesharing services available to even more people! […]

NGL – The Anonymous Q&A App

(Rated 12+, Social Networking) NGL is designed as a one-of-a-kind app. Typically, every photo, video, or status update your child or teen shares on social media comes from their name, […]

Village-Safe Social for Family

Village Social (No Apple or Google Rating, Social Networking) Village Social is a social networking software for iOS and Android smartphones that prioritizes individuals before algorithms and addictive methods. It […]

Lesson 3: Parental Controls

Key Points Importance of Parental Controls: Device Variety and Complexity: Diverse Control Functions: Screen Time Management: Simplifying Parental Controls: Filtering the Internet: Recommended Solutions: By following these steps and utilizing […]

Lesson 3: Online Predators and Grooming Behavior

Key Points Grooming Process: Predator’s Approach: Sexualization of the Relationship: Signs of Grooming: Preventing Sextortion Scams: Key Discussion Points with Your Child: Resources: Parental Role: In summary, proactive communication, education, […]

BeReal App Review

Find out what “being real” really means in this incredibly popular social media app for teens.