Text Bomb! New Tool for Cyberbullies

One technique that cyber bullies use to torment their victims is text bombing. A text bomb is when a user sends a text 1,000 to 10,000 times in the same day. The victim of the bomb has to endure receiving the same degrading text throughout the day. Here is a user from the Popular site Reddit that gives details on how they text bombed their boss.

Text bombers use apps fom various websites and the Android Market (Google Play). Below are the top apps used by text bombers

  • SMS BOMBER (Android)- App allows you to send a text to the user at anytime.
  • SMS BARRAGE- Banned from the Google App store due to malicious text bombing. The developer is hosting the apk file on his site and continually updating it. App allows you to send 100 text messages at one time to one user.
  • TEXT BOMB ELITE (Apple Android)- Send 1000 text messages at one time to your enemy.
  • There are multiple apps on Google Play and Itunes that will block text bombers. Here are some of our personal favorites:
  • TEXT BOMB DEFENDER (Android)- It runs in the background of your cell phone while blocking all unwanted texts. The best thing is that it prevents your carrier for accepting text bombs which prevents unwanted charges.
  • ANTI SMS BOMB (Android)- App will block repeated texts from the same number. App file is also very small which will save your battery from being drained.
  • NUMBER COP (Iphone)- One of the best spam protection apps for the Iphone. It blocks all spam and fishing texts from your phone.

Credit: Sedgrid Lewis spyparent.com

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