Social Media & Youth: Threats and Solutions provides an in-depth look for professionals who work in child safety how teens use social media apps and other social networking platforms. It can be presented in-person or by webinar.


This course is for professionals who work with children and need to better understand what is going on in their client’s digital world. This course is regularly taught to phycologists, doctors, counselors, law enforcement, social workers, group home operators, and educators.

This course explores the unique threats that exist online: cyberbullying, impersonation, identity theft, sexting, sexual predators, human trafficking, digital reputation management, pornography, and other high-risk behaviors. The second half of the class will show how to keep children safe online by using various techniques and resources created in Clayton’s Internet program that has been taught to thousands of parents and educators.

This course can be taught in a 90-minute to 4-hour block of training, depending on the needs of your organization. This course meets continuing education credit requirements.

STC Certified: 10451-084950

Topics Include

  • Most popular social media applications reviewed.

  • Risks associated with popular social media sites

  • How sex predators use social media to contact children

  • Methodology of sex predators and social media

  • Social media, depression and self-harm

  • How to identify online human trafficking recruitment

  • The role of pornography and human trafficking and how to talk to young people about online pornography.

  • Practical steps to keeping children safe online.

What professionals are saying after attending this training

This workshop is a must see for any parent, educator, human and social service professional. Very important information relevant to the impact of social media on the lives of our children and community. It is important to stay informed so we can be proactive and effective in how we support our children and families.

Anabel G. , Youth Services Program Director

I believe that everyone from Law Enforcement, professionals, parents and church groups should take this course. Very clear information

Nicol H., Social Service Practitioner CSEC Investigations

This experience was very informational. I learned so much and I hope that every parent will watch this video and read the book.

Jenifer J., Mental Health Parent Partner

As a professional working in communications/social media and a parent of three children, I found the Cyber Safety Cop presentation very informative. Both parents and organizations need to be aware of how to protect our children from on-line predators.

Amy M.

This presentation was informative and comprehensive. It addressed the fear and helplessness parents often feel when dealing with youth and technology by offering steps to protect those most dear to us, our kids. The resources CyberSafetyCop offers is comforting, as I work also to empower my children to be more responsible users of technology.

Chuck W., Rehab Specialist

Bring a parent, and working with at-risk children in a digital-dependent age, this class helped educate and empower me to be more proactive and protective.

Susan A. , Social Worker

This training was so informative and preps you for is really going on behind social outlets. You can better assists parents and youth!

Monica A., Human Trafficking Youth Mentor

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Every training session we deliver is tailor-made to your individual requirements and current internet safety concerns. We take key topics, audience size and allocated time into consideration to design a presentation that will work for your community.


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