Course Catalog

Total Safety Solutions provides the very best school safety training for professional staff, law enforcement agencies, students, parents, and community members. This document details Total Safety Solution’s current course offerings.


VAPING Parent Tip Sheet

Before you can have a meaningful talk with your child about vaping, you need to know the facts. This handout for the Parenting in the Digital VAPING World presentation will help parents understand teen vaping and tobacco use. In English and Spanish.

Vaping Discussion Questions

This discussion guide will help guide parents through an impactful conversation about vaping and tobacco use. In English and Spanish.

School/Worship Center Safety Assessment

TOTAL SAFETY SOLUTIONS’ safety assessment team is comprised of professional law enforcement professionals dedicated to keeping children and adults safe in their schools and places of worship. We can help you gauge your strengths and weaknesses in a wide variety of scenarios. Not only do we bring decades of experience to our assessments, our leading experts can also help you anticipate potential sources of new threats.


Cyber Safety Checklist

Internet and Mobile Device Contract

Screen Time Worksheet

This worksheet will help you map out your child’s screen time and give them a visual chart to better understand this screen use.


Cyber Safety Assembly

Home Discussion

Predators Use Social Media to Exploit Children

Published in The Journal of School Safety, Summer 2015.


The Quickly Evolving World of Social Media

The Quickly Evolving World of Social Media Published in The Journal of School Safety, Winter 2014 edition. Three important steps to create a safe environment for you teen in social media.


How Online Predators Operate

This guide will give parents a better understanding of how online predators groom their victims and some practical tips on how to keep their children safe.


Talking to Your Child About Bullying

Talking to your child about possibly being a victim of bullying can be very difficult. This a guide with conversation techniques to help you talk to your child being bullied.


Cyber Safety Cop Guide

A cyber safety guide for parents. It clearly answers: “What is cyberbullying,” the threats in social media networks and some practical steps to help keep you children safe online.