The answer: NO

Kik is a free texting app available for iPhones, Android, Windows, and Blackberry phones. Remember, you don’t need a phone to use iPhone apps; if your child has an iPod touch or an iPad, they can install iPhone apps. Kik is just one of many free texting apps available in the App store.

Kik is hugely popular right now with teens. I have investigated hundreds of cases of cyberbullying and harassment. Kik is often the app used. Kik makes it very easy for strangers to contact your child and it is very difficult to identify who the person actually is.

Kik has been a favorite vehicle for child predators to contact children discretely and anonymously. This is a post from a parent who’s daughter had Kik on her phone:

“Shortly after starting to use this app, one of my daughter’s 11-year-old friends was approached by some freak who wanted details about her level of sexual experience (he asked very graphic questions), and wanted to know if they could meet so he could “pleasure” her. This app is NOT safe.”

There are too many documented safety issues with Kik Messenger for it to be on your child’s device.