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The Instructor: Carlos Sanchez

Vaping is BIG BUSINESS, and our kids are the target. The drug culture is propagated by social media as well as EASY ONLINE ACCESS to vape devices, “vape juice”, and other liquefied drugs.

This class will reveal the vape industry’s strategy to market their addictive product to teens and how parents and educators can counter their deceptive message with science-based fact. It is illegal to sell vaping devices to minors. How are teens acquiring these devices? Students, in large numbers, are purchasing vapes from online stores. You will learn how underaged students are purchasing vaping devices online and how to stop it from happening in your home.

Whether you are a parent, relative, or neighbor, we invite you to learn about this FAST GROWING trend and what you can do to help our children stay drug-free. Suitable for students and parents to attend together.

Topics discussed:

• The trajectory of vaping technology
• Why a high percentage of teens are vaping
• Physical and health effects of nicotine and vape liquid
• How to talk to your child about using vaping devices
• Practical steps to help prevent children from acquiring vaping devices

Children and are allowed to attend with their parents.

Carlos Sanchez is a Special Victims Unit detective for a Southern California law enforcement agency.  Carlos has served as a School Resource Officer has been presenting to law enforcement and community partners for more than five years in the areas of drug awareness, school safety, bullying, gangs, and social media. Carlos Sanchez is a native Spanish speaker, born in Acapulco, Mexico. In addition to teaching all the Cyber Safety Cop presentations, he also teaches them in Spanish.

Clay Cranford’s book, Parenting in the Digital World, will be available for sale at the event. $20.00 (cash or credit card).

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