What is a digital reputation?

It is the opinion or view that others have about the user, based on what they say and do online. 

It is important for children and young people to be aware of where their personal information is available on the Internet, who can access it, what others are doing with their information, and the impression they are leaving for others to find.

What are the risks?

When information is posted online it can be difficult to remove and can be easily and quickly passed beyond a child’s immediate circle of friends. In addition, images and words can be misinterpreted when removed from their original context.

Even when a post or even an entire account is deleted, the images and the comments live on, potentially forever, in screen-captured images.

Managing the risks

Parents need to explain the permanent nature of everything their children post online and discuss the consequences of a negative digital reputation. Their future prospects for school and even a career, many years down the road, can be affected by what they post online.