Online Security & Privacy Tips to Keep Students Safe

How can we keep children safe and secure online? What are the next steps that parents should take?

As soon as your child has access to the Internet, step in and set safe boundaries for them because a lot of the things that they are being exposed to online is unintentional. What I suggest that parents do, especially parents that did not grow up in an age with social media, is to look for opportunities to learn more about tech. Whether your school holds a seminar, or you find an online conference, understand what your kids have access to and what you can do next to keep them safe online. Download the apps that your kid wants to download and look at them. Then look at reviews and determine whether or not the app is appropriate for your kids. Ask the same questions that you would if your child was going to another child’s house. Where is your child going on the Internet and what are they going to be exposed to?