The cyber safety seminar for parents, Parenting in the Digital World, is a 90-minute, engaging and eye-opening presentation about what is really going on in our children’s digital world. It can be presented in-person or by webinar.


Based on Clay Cranford’s acclaimed book, Parenting in the Digital World, this 90-minute cyber safety seminar will prepare parents to effectively supervise their child on social media sites, protect them from online threats, and bring technological balance back to their homes.

In this “new normal” where children are learning online from home, they are exposed more than ever to online predators and the damaging effects of screen time. This seminar will show you the current games, and apps teens are using today. Secondly, cyberbullying and other online threats are defined with current trends and real-world examples that Clay Cranford has investigated in schools. Lastly, participants will be given tools and an action plan that they can immediately begin using to help keep their children safe online.

Watch the first 6-minutes of the award-winning presentation

We hosted Clay at our church Parent Night a few weeks ago. His presentation was incredible! He had so many statistics and helpful insights for all of the parents, including myself, explaining risks and potential dangers our students will encounter when dealing with all different types of technology. He gave great tools and information that empowered us as parents and helped guide us, so that in return we can continue to walk with our kids through the ever-changing world of technology. His resources and his accessibility are unparalleled!

Amanda M., Parent

Every parent should be required to attend his presentation! I learned so much in the 2 hours there and walked away feeling more informed and confident in having a solid game plan to protect my kids.

Nani L., Parent

The best parent night we have had in my 29 years as an educator.

Michelle B., Middle School Principal

Great tools! Passionate about keeping our kids safe and helping parents navigate the digital world. Keep up the good work!

Sarah T., Parent

Such an amazing presentation! Thank you so much! I took so many notes my hand and brain hurt. Very eye-opening for us as parents. EVERYONE who has kids should see this presentation or buy the book!

Shannon N., Parent

I was so happy I was able to attend…the information shared with us transformed my sense of powerlessness to a certainty that there are concrete steps I can take as a parent of this generation to protect my family.

Jenny O., Parent

Amazing information, definitely recommend parents hear this talk. From easy tips to recognize online threats to securing your WIFI router.

Manuel R., Parent

I attended a presentation that was given at Unsworth Elementary in Downey. The information given was an eye-opener. Everything that was said was very useful and very informative. I’m very glad I attended. Thank you very much for the information and God bless you for sharing your wisdom and your time with us.

Lilly G., Parent

Amazing. The cyber cop came to our school and all I can say is it was beyond great and beyond informative. Every school should have him show up!!!! I like to think I’m really on it with monitoring my daughter’s screen time and electronic usage. After listening to the two-hour presentation I feel like I was doing about 15% of what I could be doing! Before this presentation, I would have thought I was around 85-90%. Needless to say, lots of things are changing in our household!! So grateful for this presentation and for our school having him!! Ask your school to have him come!!!! It is so worth it!!!!!

Angie S., Parent

I learned so much last night when he spoke at my kid’s school. It’s very scary THINKING that you THOUGHT what you were doing to protect your kids regarding social media was enough, but finding out you knew about 5% of the stuff that’s out there is eye-opening for sure! I purchased his book and it is very informative!! Thank you for coming to Holy Trinity!!!

Edith A., Parent

He spoke for 2+ hours at our school and the time flew by. Plenty of actionable takeaways and heartfelt stories to drive home some powerful messages. I am SO thankful that Cyber Safety Cop is out there fighting the good fight.

Geoff B., Parent

This was wonderful. I learned so much and found Clay to be informative and engaging. The class flew by so quickly, I can’t wait to read the book!

Jen C., Parent

Up to Date Content

Our experienced team deliver credible presentations that cover up-to-date internet safety issues. We utilize real life stories, engaging videos and relatable photos to communicate important lessons.

Tailored Sessions

Every training session we deliver is tailor-made to your individual requirements and current internet safety concerns. We take key topics, audience size and allocated time into consideration to design a presentation that will work for your community.

Topics Include

  • Current apps kids are using and what you need to know about them

  • “Sexting” and online predators

  • How to talk to your child about online safety

  • How to monitor online activity and find secret Instagram accounts

  • How to talk to your child about pornography

  • Parental controls and privacy settings

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