In this 8-hour course, you will learn a threat assessment-intervention model that can be used by educators, law enforcement officers, mental health professionals, and others involved in school safety. It can be presented in-person or by webinar.


Why would a person bring a weapon to school or their place of work and without any explicable reason open fire on fellow students and co-workers? Are active shooters angry? Are they crazy? How do we know if a threat is serious? If we have a serious threat, what do we do next? how do we manage the subject of concern?

This course will teach you a methodical procedure for evaluating a threat and the person who made the threat, with the goal of reaching an informed judgment on the subject of concern’s level of risk.

It is not enough to react only to the threatening message, whether spoken, written, or symbolic. It is also vital to assess whether the person who made the threat has the intent, means, and motivation to carry it out. This course will teach you how to interview and subject of concern and how to create a plan to successfully manage them and reduce their level of risk.

Topics Include

  • Threat typology
  • Understanding the motivation behind threats

  • Identifying behavior and personality traits that can lead to violent behavior

  • The multi-disciplinary team approach

  • Intervention process and threat management

  • Case study review

  • Role-play and tabletop scenarios

Up to Date Content

Our experienced team delivers credible presentations that cover up-to-date internet safety issues. We utilize real-life stories, engaging videos and relatable photos to communicate important lessons.

Tailored Sessions

Every training session we deliver is tailor-made to your individual requirements and current safety concerns. We take key topics, audience size and allocated time into consideration to design a presentation that will work for your community.

What professionals are saying after attending this training

Clay brought a lot of experience and knowledge to this all day training. The material was thoroughly presented both in breadth and depth. His pace and personal experience stories, along with the variety of handouts, videos, visuals aids and technology kept the class meaningful and lively.

Judi S., School Counselor, Snowline Joint Unified School District

I enjoyed the presentation very much. The instructor’s knowledge is extensive and he communicates it effectively. I am much better equipped to do threat assessments and see ways our organization can improve systemically.

Madison K., School Psychologist

This was a great class for any and all school site Police, Security Officers and Administrators.

Steve Hinojos, Chief of Police, Hesperia School Police
I definitely feel better prepared if a threat should appear on my campus. Mr. Cranford was very informative, professional, and real. It was nice to have some humor added as well when discussing such a sensitive yet serious topic.
Monique J., Middle School Counselor

Threat assessment and management is ever evolving. Although there can be no standardized templates, Clay has simplified which should be checked and done. Thank you. Great class!

Angel C., Police Sergeant

Great course to attend! As a first year SRO, this course provides me a broader view of how to assess juveniles.

John E., School Resource Officer

This course has given me a clear and fresh understanding of how and when to conduct a behavioral threat assessment, including how to organize resources.

Gary L., Police Officer

I found the class and course material relevant to issues schools are dealing with today. The course was well organized and presented in an engaging way.

Roland C., Captain, Cerritos College Police

This is great training that applies to any and all types of law enforcement. You can take away great info and tips no matter your work assignment.

Gabrielle B., US Postal Inspector

Awesome course. It provided excellent practical materials that can be implemented into day-to-day threat response.

Kimalie H., Federal Agent

Every School Resource Officer needs to attend this class.

Gregory K., SRO, Deputy Sheriff

Great course and very informative. A must for those working in a school setting.

Molly L., SRO, Deputy Sheriff

This class was very relevant to the realities of what we face in our high school today. Each category was covered thoroughly and discussed in detail.

Tim O., High School Psychologist

Very informative training. Through review of warning behaviors and step-by-step guidance on conducting behavioral threat assessments. Relevant for many different professions.

Julie B., Mental Heath & Behavior Specialist

This was a very informative course. The real-life case studies helped in grasping the material.

Taline E., School Psychologist


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