We recommend you monitor your child’s text and social media content. You might be confused by the use of emojis and slang in their messages and posts. If your child knows that you check their online activity, they, or their friends, might use secret code words/emojis to discuss dangerous behavior. It is important for parents and educators to stay informed on their evolving world of social media and how teens are communicating.

Cyber Safety Cop updates a comprehensive list of secret emoji meanings, teen slang, and hashtags. If you come across a term or emoji not included on this page, please send it to us and we will do our best to decipher it.

???? — Used to express drunkenness, sexual arousal, or a grimace

???? — You’re hot

???? — You or someone is ugly

✂ — Cut someone, lesbian

???? ???? ???? — Sex

???? — Butt

???? — “Dump truck,” which refers to a large and/or shapely bottom

???? — Vagina

???? — Used when getting caught in a mistake or when feeling like a fraud

???? — Indicates being “ghosted” (dumped with no explanation)

???? — Can indicate support for white supremacy in certain contexts

???? — Ejaculation or orgasm

???? — May indicate sexual activity, especially oral sex

???? ???? – Oral Sex

⏳ — Used when someone has an “hourglass” body shape

????️ ???? ????️ — A response that means, “It is what it is”

????‍♀️✨— Can be used in comments to denote a sarcastic, mean-spirited tone

???? — Marijuana/weed

???? — Desiring someone sexually (often used in response to nudes)

???? — Breasts/testicles/virginity

???? — Represents nudes, which are often called “noods”

???? — Used when sending or receiving nudes

???? – Send me a nude photo

???? – Sex tape

???? – Send photo of private parts

???? – Have sex

???? – Having sex in bed

???? – Having sex on the couch

???? – In bed waiting for you

???? – I’m getting hot

???? – Touch my breast

???? — A stamp of approval; “I agree”

???? — Used to refer to sexual activity

????️ — Indicates “spiciness,” i.e., inappropriate or risque content

???? — GOAT; Greatest of all time

???? — Typically used to symbolize that someone is a “backstabber”

???? — Cuddles

???? — Can sometimes mean “I love you”

???? — “Lit”, “fire”, or “sexy”

???? — Expressing the desire to party hard

???? — Expression of being in a bad mood or wanting to cause destruction

???? — A response that indicates you’re not bothered about something someone said about you

????‍♀️ — Can mean a girls’ night out or as code for “sex worker”

????‍♀️ — Hand Used to express an exasperated “I don’t even know what to think anymore”

???? Eggplant or ???? Banana — Male genitalia. Often sent to illustrate the anticipation of a sexual encounter

???? — Basic; generally negative term – can mean boring as much as it can mean clumsy/careless/gross

❄️ — Derogatory term to describe a young person who is easily offended or used to represent cocaine

???? — When used in between every single word in a sentence, it represents a passive-aggressive way of emphasizing something that people can’t seem to understand

???? — “Woman crush”

???? — Fishing for a compliment

???? — A lie or not true

???? — Used to show something is funny

???? — Running away from something bad, or can indicate that someone is running so hard they leave a trail of smoke behind them or serves as a symbol for vaping.

???? — Love Hotel or brothel

???? — Represents getting a tattoo

???? — Has been reported that drug dealers use this to symbolize that they have heroin for sale

???? — Has been reported that drug dealers use this to symbolize that they have MDMA for sale

???? — Can be used to symbolize cannabis or drugs in general

???? — Has been reported that drug dealers use this to symbolize that their products have high potency

✊ Raised Fist followed by ???? Sweat Droplets — Represents masturbation

???? — Can be used to request that someone send an explicit picture

???? — Represents an erection

???? — Represents a male orgasm

???? — Represents testicles

???? — Represents breasts

???? — Can sometimes mean sex

???? — Having just seen something x-rated

????‍♀️ — Represents a female orgasm

ಠ_ಠ — Disapproval. Often used sarcastically

???????? — The user is feeling shy

✍️ — Reminder to take note or take the advice

???? ???? — Call to have sex

???? ???? — Second base – Touch the breasts

???? ???? ???? — Let’s talk about sex

???? ???? — Hit me in the butt

???? ☄ — Orgasm

???? ???? — Masturbation

✊ ???? — Masturbation

1174 – “Nude club”

1337 and L337 – “Elite”

143 – “I love you”

182 – “I hate you”

420 – “Marijuana”

459 – “I love you”

8 – “Oral sex”

ADR – “Address”

AEAP – “As Early As Possible”

AF – “As f***”

ALAP – “As Late As Possible”

AMA – “Ask me anything”, a Q&A style discussion with the author of a post

AAC –  actually

Aired – ignored (someone)

ASL – “Age/Sex/Location”

ASMR – “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” meaning something gave you chills.

Banana – “Penis”

B – babe (but can be just a friend)

BAE – (before anyone else) a term of endearment (boyfriend/girlfriend), like “baby”

Baffed – confused

Bare, also spelled ‘bear’ – an alternative way of saying ‘really really’ or ‘a lot’ – e.g. “that is bare cool!’

Basic – generally negative term – can mean boring as much as it can mean clumsy/careless/gross

Bible – honestly/I’m telling the truth

Blates – obviously

Blessed – nice (person)

Booted – left behind/dumped (as in ‘I was booted’)

Bromance – close friendship between, as you have probably already guessed, two boys

Bruh – like ‘bro’, meaning a friend as close as a brother

BTO – “Bathroom time off”

CCW – “Comments and criticism welcome”

CBA – can’t be bothered

CD9 – “Code 9” meaning parents are around

CMV – “Change my view”

Cray – shortened version of crazy

Creeper – someone socially awkward or so needy they act like a stalker

CU46 – see you for sex

Cuz – friend (from cousin)

DAE – “Does anybody else or does anyone else”

DM;HS – “Doesn’t matter; had sex”

DPW – “D*** pictures welcome”

DTF – “Down to f***”– which means I want to have sex OR I would like to join you in the plans you suggested. When used in question form it means, do you think he/she would sleep with me or do you think he/she would want to come with us?

Dench – fantastic, cool

Dope – really cool/awesome

DFTT – don’t feed the trolls

Drip – Someone’s great style.

DUM – “Do you masturbate?”

DUSL – “Do you scream loud?”

eBAE – A term of endearment for someone (boyfriend/girlfriend) you’ve met online.

ELI5 – “Explain like I’m 5 (years old)”

F2F – “Face-to-Face” meaning FaceTime

Fam – close friend or group of friends

FB – “F*** buddy”

FBOI – “F*** boy” meaning a guy looking for sex

Fierce – looking amazing/ incredible

FIFY and FTFY – “Fixed It For You” and “Fixed that for you”, respectively.

FMLTWIA – “F*** me like the w**** I am”

FOL – “Fond of leather”

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)  – FOMO is when a student (or adult) experiences anxiety that an exciting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often prompted by posts seen on social media.

FR – “For real”

FWB – “Friends with benefits”

FWP – “First world problems”

G – a friend (boy to boy – originally from ‘gangsta’)

Gas – cool or marijuana

Gassed – happy

Ghost – to completely ignore someone suddenly – ghosting someone can be a nasty way to break up with someone else

GG – “Good game”

GGG – reference to the “Good Guy Greg” or “Good Girl Gina” meme

GIS – “Google Image Search”

GOAT – “Greatest of all time!”

GNOC – “Get naked on camera”

GTFO – “Get the f**k out”

GTG – “Got to go”

GYPO – “Get your pants off”

HAK – “Hugs and kisses”

Hella – really

Hunty – a term of endearment, popularized in the TV show, Ru Paul’s Drag Race

HIFW – “How I feel when”

HMB – “Hold my beer”

IAmA – “I am a.” This is the standard way to begin the title of an AMA (Ask me anything) post

IANAD – “I am not a doctor”

IANAL – “I am not a lawyer”

IAYM – “I am your master”

ICYMI – “In case you missed it”

IDGAF – “I don’t give a f***” – which means I don’t care at all

IF and IB – “In the front” or “In the back”, respectively

IK – I know

Ill – fantastic, cool

IYKYK – “If you know you know”

IMO or IMHO – “In my opinion” and “In my humble/honest opinion”

IIRC – “If I recall correctly”

ILY and ILU – “I love you”

IRL – “In real life”

ISO – “In search of”

ITT – “In this thread”

IYKYK – “If you know you know” meaning an inside joke

Jokes – really funny e.g. ‘that book is so jokes!’

JOMO – “Joy of missing out”

Kicked – same meaning as ‘booted’

KPC – keep parents clueless

KMS – “Kill myself”

KYS – “Kill yourself”

LB – “Like back”

Lit – amazing

LMAO – “Laugh my as* off”

LMD – “Let me die”

LMIRL – “Let’s meet in real life”

LMP – “Like my pic”

LOL – “Laugh out loud”

LoL – “League of Legends”, a popular online game.

Merked – can mean really drunk/intoxicated/beaten up or even getting found out/told off

MIRL – meeting in real life

Molly – term for ecstasy/MDMA

MOOS – member of the opposite sex

MOS – mum over shoulder

Moving to (someone) – approaching, either aggressively or romantically

MRW and MFW – “My reaction when” and “My face when”, respectively.

Netflix and chill – making out (or having sex), generally at home

NIFOC – “Naked in front of their computer”

NP – “No problem”

NSFL – “Not safe for life” (explicit and offensive; often gore)

Nudes – naked or partially clothed pictures

OAG – references the “Overly attached girlfriend” meme

OC – “Original content”, meaning the author of the post created the content shown or linked in the post or “Open crib”, meaning no parents will be at home or at a gathering or party.

OFC – “Of course”

OG – Meaning “original” or “original gangster”

OMGF – “Oh my f**king god”

On fleek – on point / executed really well

OP – “Original poster”, the author of the post

P – short from pretty, as in ‘that’s pretty cool’

P911/P999 – parent alert

PAW – parents are watching

Peak – unfortunate

Peng – really attractive

PMOYS – “Put my on your Snapchat”

POS – “Parents over shoulder”

Preeing – looking at someone online also known as ‘Facebook stalking’

Pre’-ing – pre-drinking (usually at home before going out)

Pr0n – misspelling porn to get past online filters

PSA – “Public service announcement”

ROTFLMAO – “Rolling on the floor laughing my as* off”

RT – “Retweet”

Rolling – going

RU/18 – are you over 18?

Safe – reliable/good (person)

Salty – bitter  or upset

Ship – short word for relationship

Sick – fantastic, cool, as in ‘That gig was sick!’

SIS – sisters in spirit/a girl who’s so close she’s like a sister

Skl – school

Slipping – messing up (as in ‘get caught slipping’)

Smash – casual sex

Squad goal – something a group decides to do

Stacked – built, really muscly/well-built/toned

Swag – confidence or fancy clothes/jewellery

Swear – are you serious?

sksksk – The sound you make when you hit lots of keys at once on your keyboard.

Skrt – To stop unexpectedly”

SMDH – “shaking my damn head”

SMH – “shaking my head” or “that’s so dumb”

SO – “Significant other”

STFU – “Shut the f**k up”

Sus – “Suspect” or “Suspicious”

T – Gossip or talking behind someone’s back

TBH – To be honest”

TDTM – “Talk dirty to me”

TFW – “That feeling when”

TIFU – “Today I f**ked up”

TIL – “Today I learned”

TL;DR – “Too long; Didn’t read.” Sometimes used as a synonym for “summary”

TD – to die for/fantastic

Throw shade – give someone a nasty look or be horrible about someone

Tidy – really attractive

Tight – in a close friendship

Truss – I agree (from trust)

UGO – you got owned

UR – your

V – “Very”

Wag1 (or wagwan) – what’s up?

Woke – if you’re woke about a subject you understand or empathise with it

WTTP – want to trade photos

WYRN – what’s your real name?

WIP – “Work in progress”

WTF – “What the f**k?”

WTH – “What the he**”

WUF – “Where you from?”

WYA – “Where you at?”

WYD – “What you doing?”

YASS or YEET – A very strong way to say “yes”

YMMV – “Your mileage may vary”

YSK – “You should know”

Vibing – Enjoying something

YOLO – you only live once

Zerg – to gang up on someone

Eating disorders hashtags might include:


























#thinsp or #thinspo

Self harm, depression hashtags might include:
























Bullying hashtags might include:

#wtf = what the f***

#derp = stupid

#butters = ugly

#jelly = jealous

#subtweet = talking about someone but not using their @name


#bizzle = another word for b***h

#thot or #thotties = a promiscuous girl

#yag = you are gay

#beyouch = another word for b***h

#rab = rude a** b***h

Hashtags that may be red flags include:

#chirped = got caught

#420 = marijuana

#cu46 = See you for sex

#lmirl = let’s meet in real life

#pron = Porn

#frape = Facebook rape; posting to someone else’s profile when they leave it logged in.

#nsfw = not safe for work (post will include nudity, etc)


#livingdangerously = taking selfies while driving or some other unsafe behavior

#kikmessenger = let’s talk on kik instant message instead

Hashtags that look strange but are okay include:

#mupload = upload via mobile

#selfie = taking a picture of self

#turnt = have fun; get rowdy

#nah = no or not

#smh – shaking my head

#igers = Instagrammers

#igaddict = Instagram addict

#turnup = step it up

#mce = my crush everyday

#idek = I don’t even know

#bae = babe

#nah = no or not

#mcm = man crush Monay

#wcw = woman crush Wednesday

#hmu = hit me up

#so = Significant Other

#lmao = laughing my a** off

#ootd = outfit of the day

#yolo = you only live once

#ratchet = disgusting

#sick = cool

References: https://www.bark.us/blog/emoji-slang-guide/