Active Shooter Prevention and Response Training will teach your professional staff and employees how to identify concerning behavior before it turns violent and how to respond to a violent intruder at your place of work. 3-hours in length. It can be presented in person or by webinar.


The instructor, a former juvenile investigator and behavioral threat assessor, will uses their real-life experience to train your staff members how to identify the warning signs that an individual is on a path to violence, stopping the violent act before it begins.

This training includes methods for staff members to remain vigilant and prepared for an active threat, intervention strategies, de-escalation, and how to react to an active shooter event.

Active Shooter Response Training is scaled and tailored to the unique aspects of your school, business, and/or clientele.

Topics Include

  • The observable signs an individual is on a path to violence.

  • How a person becomes a spree killer.

  • Dispel the myths of predatory violence.

  • What schools can and should do to prevent violence.

  • How to engage students as assets to prevent violence.

  • Deny, Evade, Engage protocol.

Up to Date Content

Our experienced team delivers credible presentations that cover up-to-date internet safety issues. We utilize real-life stories, engaging videos and relatable photos to communicate important lessons.

Tailored Sessions

Every training session we deliver is tailor-made to your individual requirements and current safety concerns. We take key topics, audience size and allocated time into consideration to design a presentation that will work for your community.


Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management

Social Media: Investigations, Threats, and Solutions

Understanding and Preventing School Violence