Parenting in the Digital World


Parenting in the Digital World is brilliantly organized, easy to follow, and offers screen shots and step-by-step instructions on how to manage the privacy settings on different operating systems and applications.  Be Brave.

—Erin Runnion, Founder of The Joyful Child Foundation 

This book answers the number one question parents of digital kids have today, “How Can I Keep My Child Safe Online?” In addition to being visually appealing, the book provides actionable solutions, walking parents through parental controls on Macs, PC’s, online games, as well as on the social media apps that kids use most.
—Diana Graber, Co-Founder, and Founder,

Parenting in the Digital World is written by Clayton Cranford, the nation's leading law enforcement educator on social media and online safety for children and recipient of the 2015 National Bullying Prevention Award.

The second edition includes updated parental control guides on all the devices your child is using, and new chapters on critical online safety issues: How to talk to your child about pornography, threats and consequences, how to protect yourself from being hacked, and how to create a culture of safety and accountability in your home.  

This easy step-by-step guide will show parents how to create a safe environment on the Internet, social networking apps, and on their children's favorite game consoles. Parenting in the Digital World  will include:

  • Step-by-step instructions for enabling all of the hidden settings on your computers, mobile devices, and game consoles to make them safe and secure.
  • A list of the latest and most popular apps for teens: What they do, their problems, and whether they are safe for children.
  • A guide to bringing sanity back to your child's digital world by showing parents how to successfully limit "screen time" in their homes.
  • How to start a conversation about the appropriate use of mobile devices and the Internet.
  • How to talk to your child about online pornography.
  • A copy of the Cyber Safety Cop's Internet & Mobile Device Usage Contract.
  • Steps to successfully dealing with a cyberbullying incident.
  • Safety settings on the latest operating systems and game consoles: Windows, Mac OSX, Apple mobile iOS, Android mobile OS, Xbox 360 & One, and PlayStation 4.

Customer Reviews

This is a must for anyone with a child that has access to data, texting and the internet.
By Mary Anne Klank

After some close calls with our kids and internet safety we purchased Parenting in the Digital World. We used the contracts inside and now have clear guidelines for our children's online and data usage. I brought the book into my son's counselor session and offered to give it to the office as a guide. His counselor declined but took the name of the book. Well, we got into the nitty gritty of the session and it was clear that my son's counselor was not up on the internet lingo of DM, tagging or the multiple personalities of Instagram. About half way into the session he stood up, went to his desk and returned with a $20 bill and said "Thank you. I think I'll take you up on the offer of this book!" We returned for our session the following week and his counselor told me that he had read the book and had some frank discussions with his own teens. He said there were some tears, but there are now new guidelines in place at his home, as well. This guide is well written and should be in schools, counselors offices and the home of anyone with a child that has access to data, texting and the internet.

Excellent resource for adults in the battle for cyber safety!
By John Bajorek

This book is a must for parents and educators and law enforcement.
Clay is extremely knowledgeable about cyber safety and has educated parents and students in my school district for many years. After many of his talks I always receive compliments about how informative his presentations are. This book gives parents many necessary tools for staying ahead of the curve in the crazy world of social media. From sexual predators to human trafficking to cyberbullying, Clay covers it all.
The book is easy to navigate and well organized. Clay covers the gamut of platforms that kids are using today. There are many pictures to support the text so a reader won't be confused when trying to alter the privacy settings for their 13 year-old child's Instagram or Snapchat account. Additionally, his contract for parents and kids outlines and sets boundaries for kids and gives parents a tool for encouraging safe and responsible online behavior.