• Two large Apple shareholders with a $2 billion stake have written an open letter to Apple. They are questioning the smartphone maker, saying it needs to respond to what’s seen as a “growing public health crisis” of smartphone addiction in young people.  The letter cites studies that show American teenagers receive their first smartphones at the age of 10 and spend...SEE MORE

  • A mother and father in Colorado say their 10-year-old daughter committed suicide over video of a fight with an alleged bully. Preventing a tragedy like this comes down to knowing the signs and know how to respond. Ashawnty Davis, was only in fifth grade. Her parents said she was a happy girl until everything changed at the end of October when she was involved in a fight after school. It...SEE MORE

  • Facebook announced a new messaging service for children as young as six. They promise parental controls and policies in place to ban inappropriate content and cyberbullying, but is it an app that parents should allow their young children to use? Facebook, the world’s largest social network (which requires users to be at least 13 years old) has created a messaging app for children,...SEE MORE

  • Here are some safety issues you need to think about. So, you’re going to take the leap and buy your lucky child a new iSomething. An iPhone, iPad, or Android device can be an amazing gift. The entertainment and educational opportunities are nearly endless, but it also opens up the world of social media and cyberbullying. Creating a safe and enjoyable experience on your child’s...SEE MORE

  • We are several weeks into the school year and you may be thinking the dust has settled. Unfortunately, new apps are appearing on our students’ phones causing issues at school and at home. In my book, Parenting in a Digital World, I lay out the two basic problems with social media. First, children can meet people outside their parent’s knowledge; and secondly, social media removes...SEE MORE

  • I have recently received questions from several parents about a new app, TBH. TBH, which means: "To Be Honest," is a social media app for teens 13-years or older. TBH lets friends anonymously answer questions about one another. The questions are 100% controlled by the developer. This is intended to keep the questions and answers from becoming mean or insulting. Users can submit their...SEE MORE

  •   The internet and social media are an amazing technological advancement. We have the ability to know more about the world, and other points of view than ever before. Social media, like Instagram and Snapchat, have become an integral part of many people’s lives. Many young people, often called Digital Natives, have never known a world without constant connectivity to the internet and each other.SEE MORE

  • This new smartphone app ‘AntiChat’ is free of charge for both iOS & Android & lets you talk about just anything with other users. You can join any of the available anonymous chat rooms without having to worry about your personal data being stored or shared (‘nobody will judge you, as nobody can find out your real name’). There are literally hundreds of...SEE MORE

  •   Cyber safety tips for parents and educators to help keep their children safe online. (Part 1)   In this episode we discuss: 1. Social media defined and where this technology is going. 2. Popular social media applications teens are using 3. Common problems teens are having online. 4. The illusion on privacy online, sexting, over friending, and over sharing. 5.SEE MORE

  • The Internet has made hardcore pornography more accessible than ever before in human history. More people visit pornographic sites than Twitter, Netflix and Hulu combined. As the prevalence of pornography grows online and in popular culture, so does nearly forty years of scientific evidence that viewing pornography has catastrophic effects on our lives. When we talk to our children...SEE MORE

  • What is Houseparty, and how does it work? Houseparty is a new group video chat app available on both apple and android devices. You can add friends based on the phone numbers you have stored in your contacts or search for their usernames. Once you open the app, you can join "rooms" (the apps' name for chats) with other friends who are currently in the app. Chats are limited...SEE MORE

  • Online Security & Privacy Tips to Keep Students Safe   How can we keep children safe and secure online? What are the next steps that parents should take? As soon as your child has access to the Internet, step in and set safe boundaries for them because a lot of the things that they are being exposed to online is unintentional. What I suggest that parents do, especially parents...SEE MORE

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