“Clay is an excellent teacher. He keeps the class moving. Content is so impressive that you never drift from the topic. Best I’ve ever attended.”

Mike D. , (Educator)

“Every police officer and parent needs this class. It’s so important for the safety of your children.”

Nancy W. , (Investigative Sergeant)

“The class is an eye opener.”

Brian W. , Law Enforcement Officer

“The information presented is a great additional tool for parents and kids to learn about social media and cyberbullying. The information can help parents stay ahead in helping keep their kids safe and also save a child from possible suicide from bullying.”

Kenneth P., Law Enforcement Officer
“The class a huge eye opener for me. As a parent and law enforcement officer, it shows me to really get involved with the youths. I now know to pay more attention to social media.”
Christian F. , Law Enforcement Officer

“Lots of great info and eye opener of what is out there – and it’s growing.”

Robert K. , Law Enforcement Officer

“A real eye opener for parents of teens who have access to a smart phone or internet. I learned a lot about the dark side of popular smart phone apps.”

James H. , Law Enforcement Officer