Porn is Destroying Your Child's Mind and Their Future - Maybe Yours Too

Cyber Safety Cop Monday, March 9, 2015

The evidence is in:

Pornography is bad for your mind, your relationships, and your future happiness. What is pornography good for? Slavery. Part of the lie porn producers want customers to buy into is that porn is legitimate entertainment made by glamorous people who are doing it because it’s what they want; it’s OK for the user to enjoy it because the people they’re watching seem to be enjoying it. What they don’t say is that some of those people look like they’re having a good time because behind the scenes they have a gun pointed at their head. And if they stop smiling, it will go off. 

Obviously, human trafficking is an underground business, making firm statistics hard to come by. But the facts in cases that come to light are chilling. For example, in 2011, two Miami men were found guilty of spending five years luring women into a human trafficking trap. They would advertise modeling roles, then when women came to try out, they would drug them, kidnap them, rape them, videotape the violence, and sell it to pornography stores and businesses across the country. (www.fightthenewdrug)

Porn is Like a Drug:

Viewing porn releases chemicals from the pleasure center in the brain. Of course it does, it's porn after all. Why is this a big deal? Normally, these chemicals are really handy. They help us feel pleasure and to bond with other people, and they motivate us to come back to important activities that make us happy. The problem is, the reward pathway can be hijacked.

These chemicals helps to create new brain pathways that essentially lead the user back to the behavior that triggered the chemical release. Hard wiring the behavior to the sensation of pleasure.

The more a drug user hits up or a porn user looks at porn, the more those pathways get wired into the brain, making it easier and easier for the person to turn back to using, whether they want to or not.

Once a porn user becomes accustomed to a brain pulsing with these chemicals, trying to cut back on the habit can lead to withdrawal symptoms, just like with drugs. 

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