•   Cyber safety tips for parents and educators to help keep their children safe online. (Part 1)   In this episode we discuss: 1. Social media defined and where this technology is going. 2. Popular social media applications teens are using 3. Common problems teens are having online. 4. The illusion on privacy online, sexting, over friending, and over sharing. 5.SEE MORE

  • The Internet has made hardcore pornography more accessible than ever before in human history. More people visit pornographic sites than Twitter, Netflix and Hulu combined. As the prevalence of pornography grows online and in popular culture, so does nearly forty years of scientific evidence that viewing pornography has catastrophic effects on our lives. When we talk to our children...SEE MORE

  • What is Houseparty, and how does it work? Houseparty is a new group video chat app available on both apple and android devices. You can add friends based on the phone numbers you have stored in your contacts or search for their usernames. Once you open the app, you can join "rooms" (the apps' name for chats) with other friends who are currently in the app. Chats are limited...SEE MORE

  • Online Security & Privacy Tips to Keep Students Safe   How can we keep children safe and secure online? What are the next steps that parents should take? As soon as your child has access to the Internet, step in and set safe boundaries for them because a lot of the things that they are being exposed to online is unintentional. What I suggest that parents do, especially parents...SEE MORE

  • Sean found himself in the Principal’s office again for being disruptive in class. Sean, as he was walking home with a suspension notice in his pocket, couldn’t think of anything but how his teacher had it out for him and now he was probably going to get grounded by his mom too. After reaching an empty home, his mom was still at work, he took out his smartphone and opened Instagram.SEE MORE

  • Here is a tutorial on how to hide photos on your iPhone using the new iOS. Your teen might try using this technique to hide images from you.    First, you need to make sure the Notes app is able to lock notes. This can be turned on in Settings if not already on. To hide a private photo: Locate the photo in the Photos app. Tap the Share icon...SEE MORE

  • In my book, Parenting in a Digital World, I showed you how to set up parental controls on all the major computer and mobile platforms. Since publication, Microsoft has released Windows 10. Thankfully for parents, Microsoft has greatly improved parental controls and has included some monitoring features which will make our lives as parents a bit easier. If for no other reason, this is a good...SEE MORE

  • You’ve probably heard about Pokémon Go on the news or from your child. Mine has asked me 10 times today if he can go outside and catch some Pokémon. News reports of car crashes, muggings, stabbings, and even the accidental discovery of a dead body have parents rightly concerned about their child’s safety while playing this game. I will give you a brief overview...SEE MORE

  • I receive questions from parents from all over the United States asking how to keep their children safe online. When I get a good question that I think other parents can benefit from, I will share it with you. This question comes from Maria in Long Beach, California. Maria asks: “Do you have a policy on how much a child should be using their phone per day? If so, how do you regulate...SEE MORE

  • Your teen probably has a account. Guess what, it's changing! is expanding beyond music videos with the launch of, its live stream platform. Users will be able to broadcast through the app, and the streams will be viewable on Launched last year, is growing fast, with about 80 million young teens using it around the globe. The app...SEE MORE

  • We spend a lot of time talking about how children should act online; digital citizenship or online etiquette. Over the last few years, the need to teach children about appropriate online behavior has fallen on the schools. Thankfully, many schools have started a digital citizenship program. Parents have a part in this, and a responsibility to their children, and every other parent’s...SEE MORE

  • is a social network for sharing user-generated music videos that's similar to Dubsmash. You can upload your own videos, remix others' work, or browse content created by other users and by more famous recording artists. Because it involves popular music, there's lots of swearing and sexual content in the songs, though the videos seen during the review process only contained some...SEE MORE

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