Student Testimonials

See what professionals are saying about Cyber Safety Cop's training classes. 

"Clay is an excellent teacher. He keeps the class moving. Content is so impressive that you never drift from the topic. Best I've ever attended."

- Mike D. (Educator)


“Every police officer and parent needs this class. It’s so important for the safety of your children.”
- Nancy W. (Investigative Sergeant)

"The class is an eye opener."


- Brian W. (Law Enforcement Officer)

 "The information presented is a great additional tool for parents and kids to learn about social media and cyberbullying. The information can help parents stay ahead in helping keep their kids safe and also save a child from possible suicide from bullying."


- Kenneth P. (Law Enforcement Officer)


"The class a huge eye opener for me. As a parent and law enforcement officer, it shows me to really get involved with the youths. I now know to pay more attention to social media."
- Christian F. (Law Enforcement Officer)

"Lots of great info and eye opener of what is out there - and it's growing."
- Robert K. (Law Enforcement Officer)

"A real eye opener for parents of teens who have access to a smart phone or internet. I learned a lot about the dark side of popular smart phone apps."

- James H. (Law Enforcement Officer)



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